Added Master/Slave support - change setup from a slave PC via dropbox or other share.
Added Refresh hotkey to admin interface
Updated documentation
CPWB.bat - bugfix - Dynamic images ending in a dot breaks - used xcopy instead of copy around 1089
also now accommodates &,comma and semicolon

Totally overhauled installer. Now:
- Guides through the Master/Slave installation
- Accommodates re-install ontop of existing installations
- Auto-downloads CPWizard + sets it up.
Tootips added to Admin interface.
Added facility to delete game setups and edit game names
  • Added Assets dowloader - keeps all imgaes up to date from server **
  • Added Controllers and Game Controls downloader - download other user's setups - save yourself a job**
Above resulting in much smaller download.
Added some view tools for the datagrids
Added Change GUI font size/style (for old man eyes like mine)
Total reshuffle of layout
oh and....
- Autogenerate Marquees from image paths
- Add images, animation (flash or gif), vidoes (local or youtube link) + scroller texts to a custom marquee
- Flashy text generator - makes styalized text from game name.
- In-app image searcher to find logos, backgrounds, fanart etc
- In-app game info searcher
- Video Intros before marquee display (e.g. for console boots)
Loads of other stuff...

Download latest, unzip and overwrite existing instillation. Patches are cumulative, thus if you're running and you are looking to apply - you don't have to download - .3 will have everything you need.
Bug Fixes:
- Importing controllers
- cleaned code - prevents hang
- Changed controllers ini file on remote server "{assets}" was missing
Bug Fixes:
- Setup + ResetCPWInstall Proceedure - fixed xcopy bug requiring user prompt in batch freezing program.

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