Front End Setups


Easiest Route

Use the GEmvoy plugin for GameEx. Then, just set up CPWizBiz.exe as a support app. The folowing cmd line parameters work well:

-gm "[PRIORITYGAMENAME]" -dbs "[GEDATABASE]" -em "[GEEMULATOR]" -im "[ROMBARE]" -ct "[CATAGORY]" -dv "[DEVELOPER]" -yr "[YEAR]" -sp "[SNAPPATH]" -si "[SNAPIMG]" -tp "[TITLEPATH]" -ti "[TITLEIMG]" -tm "0" -fe "GameEx" -bg1 "[TITLEPATH]\[TITLEIMG]" -bg2 "[SNAPPATH]\[SNAPIMG]" -bgd "Y:\System and Game Assets\Sony PlayStation\System\OpCards\lBJRp2.jpg" -rm "[ROMBARE]"



Using Adultery's Quicklaunch Plugin

When setting up your emulators, ensure you set up "Title Text" with the exact emulator name from CPWizBiz (these can be viewed from CPWizBiz>Misc>Lists). For example:

Then, I'd recommend using Adultery's Quicklaunch Plugin to boot CPWizBiz alongside the emulator/game. There's different ways you can set it up. The way that I'm using it:

Point "Process exe" towards CPWizBiz. The arguments:

-gm "[Game]" -dbs "[Database]" -em "[EmuName]" -im "[Rom]" -ct "[Category]" -dv "[Developer]" -yr "[Year]" -sp "[SnapPath]" -si "[Snap]" -tp "[TitlePath]" -ti "[Title]" -tm "0" -fe "GameEx"

If the system you are trying to pass does not have an associated database in GameEx (you can see these via the "Misc" tab and "Get systems list") then you can pass the system manually, replacing -dbs "[Database]" with -sy "[system name here]"  The system name must match that in CPWizBiz.

GameEx with EmVoy

EmVoy is a launcher which sits between GameEx and System Emulators. Because of the boot emulator for a game being determined within EmVoy rather than GameEx, the setup is slightly different.

First you make a single emulator setup for all games on one system. For example, I have a single set of Playstation gamefiles, which I boot into different psx emulators via EmVoy. Setup thus:

The important bit (highlighted) reads:

emvoy.bat -d "I:\EmuTests\roms\Playstation\MIxedSet" -f "[ROMFILE]" -p 2 -g "[ROM]"

See EmVoy documentation for details. Basically, -d points towards your game files; -p is the EmVoy boot profile.

Then, setup the QuickLaunch plugin. You essentially pass a script the majority of the parameters that will be passed to CPWizBiz from EmVioy. It basically just stores them until you launch from EmVoy. Settings thus:

It's important to select Launch Before.

Point "Process EXE" towards CmdLineStore.bat in the CPWizBiz Support folder (CPWizBiz>Support).

You can pass any arguments, but don't pass -em (emulator). Essentially, you don't know this yet, as this is set by EmVoy.

The arguments above are:

-s -gm "[Game]" -dbs "[Database]" -im "[Rom]" -ct "[Category]" -dv "[Developer]" -yr "[Year]" -sp "[SnapPath]" -si "[Snap]" -tp "[TitlePath]" -ti "[Title]" -tm "0" -fe "GameEx"

Then, in EmVoy, you need to set up individual support apps for each emulator. This will launch CPWizBiz from Emvoy. This via:

Change Default Settings>Support App Settings

Then Edit/copy/create new support app (copy + edit is good if you've already setup one). Name your support app with something like "CPWB Launch" followed by which emulator. Follow the steps. When you get to:

Point it towards CmdLineStore.bat in CPWizBiz>Support. The next bit is the crucial bit. When you get here:

You need to follow the format quite precisely. The full text in the textbox:

-l `C:\Controls software\CPWizBiz\CPWizBiz_0_7_2\CPWizBiz64.exe` `-em {qt}%%_emuEmu%%{qt}`

The first parameter instructs the script to boot the script in the second paramter using the stored and supplemental (third) parameter.

The Second parameter is the path and file of your CPWizBiz executable. In this example, I'm using the test script (.bat) but yours may be the .exe. Secondly, it is important that these are surronded by the "`" character. This isn't the usual apostrophe. On a UK keyboard, it usually sits at the top-left of the keyboard.

Lastly, the third parameter specifies the emulator. The "{qt}" token represents quotation marks. You must make sure that the text between matches the name of the emulator in CPWizBiz (you can get this from CPWizBiz>Misc>Lists).

You can select "Yes" for quit support app when app is quit..

Lastly, make sure you setup emulators in EmVoy to run the support app:

And that should be it.



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