GameEx Functions

There are some automated processes which make CPWizBiz work well with GameEx.

Make sure you set the path to GameEx in the Settings menu

Emulator Setups

Within Settings for each Emulator in GameEx setup, you'll see two settings near the top:

Start Page Name: This is how your Emulator is displayed in GameEx itself. For example, when browsing "Emulators" the list uses this value. So, you may have this as something like: "Playstation - PCSXR"

Title Text: Not sure where this appears in GameEx, but this is the one you should use to store your emulator name. Just put the Emulator name itself (don't bother with the system name).

So, for example. If your emulator is PSCX-R, set this up as follows:

Start Page Name: Playstation - PCSXR (not used by CPWizBiz))
Title Text: PCSXR (make sure you use a value from the Import Emulators setting. A list of emulators is generated from this function and stored in CPWizBizW\db\Lists\Emulators.txt)

Make sure you 


Import Emulators

This imports all emulator names from the files stored in GameEx\CONFIG\EMULATORS\IMPORT-EXPORT. It also populates all the Emulator-Rig combinations. You must have the RigControl schemes and EmulatorControl schemes set up first (that is, you should have set up your CPWiz layouts and imported them see here).

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