• If you alter an image's colour/hue/saturation values, this removes the Preserve Aspect Function. Also, any edit in CPWizard appears to remove the aspect function.

  • If you want to use info codes/pictures on sub-layouts, you must include them in the main layout (although they do not have to be visible on the main layout). For example, if you want to include GAME_BIO on a sub-layout, then this also has to be included in your main.

    This means it will be displayed, but you can virtually hide it using the Rig xml editor. Set to Sizeable, 1,1 W+H and place somewhere inconspicuous (e.g. 0,0 X,Y).

  • Images/manuals to be used in the CPWizard Quickview menu must be saved as the gamename (e.g. "Super Mario Kart.png"). Images to be displayed on rigs and subs must be the filename (e.g. "Super Mario Kart (USA).png").


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