See details in Install section.

Master/Slave Setup

You can have CPWizBiz setup on a 'slave' PC or laptop to edit game setups on-the-fly or offline. All Assets and Database files are stored on dropbox, so any changes to game setups pretty much instantaneous. Also, placing these in the public folder of your dropbox account will allow you to share all of your setups and any image assets (e.g. controller buttons) with other users.

Video demo:

Setup Dropbox

Make sure your dropbox installation sits in the same place (with same drive letters) on all your machines (e.g. C:\Users\You\Dropbox\Public\CPWizBiz).

I'd recommend using the public folder to allow future sharing.

From Fresh install

Install Master

Install/move CPWizard into your dropbox folder (e.g. C:\Users\You\Dropbox\Public\CPWizBiz\CPWizard).

Copy/Download the Master install folder to your main rig (the one on which you play games). Copy (don't delete) the CPWizBiz>Assets and CPWizBiz>db folder into your dropbox folder (e.g. C:\Users\You\Dropbox\Public\CPWizBiz\Assets and ...\db) before the first run.

Run CPWizBiz for initial install. In the Edit Defaults screen, point the Assets, db and CPWizard paths towards the dropbox locations. You can then delete the Assets and db folder in your main CPWizBiz installation folder, leaving them in your dropbox folder. 

Get your main rig up and running properly.

Then install the Slave version of CPWizBiz on your slave machine. Same process as above but don't run it yet!

Prevent CPWizard from syncing across devices

As you will probably need different CPWizard setups on each machine, you need to keep CPWizard.ini unsynced and specific to each local machine. For example, you need to have CPWizard output displayed on a single monitor laptop for 5 seconds and then back to CPWB menu - but you can't have this happpening on your main rig.

Dropbox doesn't have the option to prevent a specified file from syncing, only to stop folders syncing. However, there is a workaround:

  • Copy your CPWizard.ini on your slave (essentially the shared one in your dropbox folder) machine and put it somewhere safe outside of the Dropbox directory.
  • Cut your CPWizard.ini file on your Master machine (again - it'll be the dropbox shared one) and put it somewhere safe, outside of the Dropbox directory. This will also remove CPWizard.ini from your slave machine.
  • Create a folder where your file was and name it "CPWizard.ini"
  • Go into Dropbox>Settings>Preferences>Account>Selective Sync
  • Uncheck the folder CPWizard.ini and click Update.
  • Do the same on any slave machines.
  • Then move CPWizard.ini back into its original place on both machines.

This will stop the file syncing - enabling different CPWizard settings on both machines.

Finish Slave Install

Launch the Slave CPWizBiz and point it towards the dropbox Assets, db and CPWizard locations. These should match the paths on your main rig precisely.

Clean up

You can then delete the Assets and db folders from the installations you made on each machine (not the dropbox Assets + db folders).

From existing Install

Same process as above, but just move your existing Assets and db folders to dropbox and edit defaults to point towards the dropbox location.

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