Setup Walkthrough

Step 1 - First Run

Important: CPWizBiz modifies your CPWizard Installation. Create a backup of your CPWizard folder if you are worried about this.

Run CPWizBiz.

Setup Defaults.

The run "Initial setup" procedures. It does the following:

  • Creates a folder in CPWizard>Media called CPWizBiz. This holds different operational stuff like a folder for dynamic images etc.
  • It will modify CPWizard>Data>InputCodes>GroupCodes.txt to add some Groups essential to CPWizBiz operation.

It will close automatically once initial setup is completed.

Step 2 - Set-up CPWizard

In this stage, you setup some 'Layouts' in CPWizard in a specific way to interface with CPWizBiz.


Assign each label a Group. You should choose one of the following for each label:

  • GAME_CONTROLS - Choose this if you are going to use the CP or joypad button/control for in-game functions (e.g. shoot, move etc.)
  • EMULATOR_CONTROLS - Choose this if your key/control/button is going to be used for Emulator functions. E.g. you may have the Escape key mapped so that it returns you to your Front End. Or you may have holding the Left and Right shoulder buttons on your gamepad mapped to taking a screenshot.
  • INFO_CONTROLS - Choose this if the label relates to game information such as Gamename, Developer, Year, Emulator name, System etc.

N.B. If the label's group setting isn't set to one of the above (blank, or another value), it will autmatically be treated as a 'GAME_CONTROLS.'


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