Installation and Setup

Step 1: Downloads

.NET Framework

CPWizBiz requires .NET framework 4.5 to run. Get it here:


You can use existing installations of CPWizard, but I would strongly advise you create a backup before doing so. I haven't extensively tested how CPWizBiz works when it's set up for Mame, but it doesn't change any files to do with Mame, so hoping it should be fully compatible.

If you are installing from fresh, the CPWizBiz Installer handles the download and installation of CPWizard for you.


This has now been simplified into one installer. Download it and unzip it to the location you want it to sit on your PC. The app will auto-update after this, if selected in options. Download it here:

Step 2: Types of Installation

There are different ways to install CPWizBiz. The simplest just holds all the files on one PC - easy to get your head around, and low maintenance. The second method is Master/Slave, which allows you to edit CPWizard layouts, CPWizBiz game controls and Marquees across your home network, remotely and even offline, syncing when you come back on line. 

An example of a Master/Slave setup would be having the main CPWizBiz installation on you cab, then other 'slave' installations on your home PCs (e.g. a 3 monitor 'main' PC) and lastly a laptop for editing when you're out and about, on or offline. 

Type 1: SIMPLE

This is the most straightforward installation. Use this method if you are going to do all you editing of game controls and marquees on the same machine as your emulators run on. No remote/network editing available, although you can come back later and enable this. Otherwise known as a "Single Machine Install"

Video and guide:



Video explanation and guide: 

This is where you have your main installation on your games rig and other installations on other PCs, meaning you can edit your controls and marquee layouts on other machines. By Using dropbox or other cloud-based methods (e.g. your own server with local file syncing), you can even edit your layouts off-line. 

I would recommend Resilio instead of other cloud software. CPWizBiz also dovetails its setup with Resilio. 

You can have additional CPWizBiz installations on  'slave' PCs or laptops to edit game setups on-the-fly or offline. All CPWizBiz Assets and Database files are stored on a synced local folder, so any changes to game setups pretty much instantaneous. 

These are setups that include variations around local and wide area network setups. There are four key folder groups and installations for CPWizBiz:

CPWizard: This folder can be installed anywhere (e.g. on a local machine; LAN server or Cloud) - however, it is strongly advised that this runs from a local installation (so - if you are wanting master/slave editing - you'll need a synced cloud or NAT system that syncs local, duplicate copies - such as dropbox).

Database: This holds all the layout info for the controls and the marquees. Access to this is needed for the CPWBAdmin interface to operate. 

CPWB Assets: This holds things like system, controllers, controls and emulator images. It also has operational images like controls placeholders. Again, access to this needed to use the admin interface. The more 'local' the access the quicker the operation. 

System Assets: You can set up extended artwork folders for each system (e.g. Game logos, fanart and backgrounds). This doesn't necessarily have to be local copy, as only accessed when constructing the controls/marquee. However, if editing in WAN, may be considerable slowdown?

A: Master/Slave Cloud Based - Wide Area Network

Setup operation:

A1. BitTorrent Sync Setup

If you have your own server, I'd recommend this over DropBox.

BTSync and Windows Drive Maps Setup

Have your Roms, Assets (images, vids etc) in separate folders on your server and create a simple folder share to both. Also create a folder called CPWBNetworkResources + again, simple share - all with read/write enabled. 

Have selective sync as default on your client machines. Enable Full Sync on the CPWBNetworkResources folder. 

Once the folders have synced through, use windows network drives to map Roms, Assets and CPWBNetworkResources to individual windows drives. Use this to help with that:

(update: as of a windows 10 update, drivemappy may no longer be necessary as MS seem to have fixed the mapping peculiarities). 


W: CPWBNetworkResources 


Y: Assets

Master Install

Run the CPWizBiz Installer on your mater machine. Install CPWizard to the root of W: and then create a folder in CPWBNetworkResources called CPWizBizFiles and move the assets and db to this folder. After this, you should have something like this:

Once you have CPWB up and running on your master rig and it has synced through to all the other client machines, you need to stop CPWizard.ini syncing. To do this, open ".sync" and open IgnoreList with notepad. INclude the line at the bottom:


This will exclude this file from sync. 

Slave Installs

In the installer, select use existing CPWizard installation and then point Assets and db towards the one in the BTSync share folder (CPWBNetworkResources)

Once you have CPWizard running how you want it on the client machine - exclude CPWizard.ini from the sync again, as above. 

If you add a new machine to the Slave group at a later date and all your CPWizard.ini files are unsynced, you'll obviously have to grab a copy from one of your machines to manually insert (or temporarily disable sync exclude). 

A2. DropBox Setup

Make sure your dropbox installation sits in the same place (with same drive letters) on all your machines (e.g. C:\Users\You\Dropbox\Public\CPWizBiz). I'd recommend using the public folder to allow future sharing.

Step 1. Disable dropbox Sync on your Master PC

Step 2. Install CPWizBiz on your Master Rig/PC.


Step 3. Sync Dropbox

Re-enable Sync on your Master PC and wait for the files to sync through to the machine onto which you're going to make the Slave installation. 

Step 4. Pause Slave dropbox

Pause Syncing on Slave machine dropbox.

Step 5. Install CPWizBiz on Slave

Install CPWizBiz on the Slave PC. Video:

Step 6. Stop syncing of CPWizard ini by following process below

Prevent CPWizard from syncing across devices:

As you will probably need different CPWizard setups on each machine, you need to keep CPWizard.ini unsynced and specific to each local machine. For example, you need to have CPWizard output displayed on a single monitor laptop for 5 seconds and then back to CPWB menu - but you can't have this happpening on your main rig.

Dropbox doesn't have the option to prevent a specified file from syncing, only to stop folders syncing. However, there is a workaround:

  • Copy your CPWizard.ini on your slave (essentially the shared one in your dropbox folder) machine and put it somewhere safe outside of the Dropbox directory.
  • Re-enable syncing on your Slave PC.
  • Cut your CPWizard.ini file on your Master machine (again - it'll be the dropbox shared one) and put it somewhere safe, outside of the Dropbox directory. This will also remove CPWizard.ini from your slave machine.
  • Create a folder where your file was and name it "CPWizard.ini"
  • Go into Dropbox>Settings>Preferences>Account>Selective Sync
  • Uncheck the folder CPWizard.ini and click Update.
  • Do the same on any slave machines.
  • Delete the CPWizard.ini folders
  • Then move CPWizard.ini back into its original place on both machines.

This will stop the file syncing - enabling different CPWizard settings on both machines.


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